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1.) What does your name mean?
The word "Neko" translates to "Cat" in Japanese, and is a nickname I picked up in highschool because I had a few cat-like traits, and the name just stuck. Since every other anime fan is a "Neko" as well, I'm simply "Another Neko".

2.) Your Avi's Hot! Want to Cyber?
No... no... not really. No. Cyber is hollow, it's a non comittal way of getting what you want, and even then it's a weak substitute, at best. Thank you for the compliment thought!

3.) Will you give me credits/a gift?
If your homepage is so phenominally unique and well thought out that it makes me blink twice I'll drop a small token of grattitude to tell you I appreciate your webpage. If you are an absolutely fascinating person or have a sence of humor that has me crying with laugher, yes, I'll leave you a momento. But don't ask, that'll just make me cranky.

4.) You've been on my home page three times this week, are you stalking me?
Of course not! ~hides a GPS tracker behind her back~ If I'm frequenting your page odds are I'm in love with your music and/or your page and products. Often times I'll switch to a home page with a cool music list and nod off. If I visit your homepage too much please let me know!

5.) So what sort of stuff do you like to do in your spare time?
I like playing World of Warcraft most of the time, you could say I left IMVU for it, though I still check my homepage daily. I really love art though, looking it up, making it, working on it with others. I also like doing the dishes too... weird hua?

That's all I can think of for now! Have a happy and safe holiday season and thank you for stopping by my homepage. Be well, be warm!


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An Apple For The Prettiest One.
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