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Welcome to F4bulous Home Page.
I enjoy creating clothes for my avatar.
If you like, you can buy it.
It's made with love.
Be F4b.
Be Mine.

Relationship Status: Single, I have my eye on someone <3.
Sex: No Thanks
Looking for: Friends
Mood: Loved *--*

Oh, and baby I’m fist fighting with fire
Just to get close to you
Can we burn something babe?
And I run for miles just to get a taste
Must be love on the brain
That’s got me feeling this way
It beats me black and blue but it fucks me so good
And I can’t get enough
Must be love on the brain yeah
And it keeps cursing my name
No matter what I do
I’m not good without you
And I can’t get enough
Must be love on the brain

( ° 3 ° ) /

i do not seek, i findi do not seek, i findWhereDoWeGo?HairWhereDoWeGo?ShoesWhereDoWeGo?TeeWhereDoWeGo?Short
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