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I miss you already... RIP Mom :(
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Born to the fae king Lord Oberon and Queen Morgana (Queen of the dark fae) Jade and his twin sister Eritha are the last of a unique breed of fairies. The Twins of Avalon as they would be known were created to journey into the outside world, as most true fae cannot stray far from pristine natural places. Without unspoiled wilderness they will eventually die, though the hardiest of them may slumber in a deep form of hibernation for eons. With a special blessing from their grandmother (the earth goddess Gaia). Jade and his sister are free of the limits of fae kind, and may travel wherever their path me take them. Ambassadors to the elven nations, Jade and his sister's secondary role is to unite the ancient elven strongholds as elf and fae are kindred races. But the first unknown to them was the re-establishment of nature's hold on the world. For wherever the twins reside for more than a few weeks the surrounding lands begin to revert back to their former glory, and creature fae and otherwise reappear in lands they have not occupied in generations. But Dark things also slumber hidden across the world, a threat to not only the twins. but to all creatures in its domain and so Jade and his sister are careful to not linger in such places lest they have no other choice. Jade and Eritha have only recently become aware of their effect on the world around them. and are exploring carefully the results
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