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Hey, I'm Shazreea I use to be really active on IMVU a number of years ago and I have just recently come back. I am here to rp, make friends, have some innocent fun and maybe get back in to outfit contests if they are still a thing

If you want to know more about me drop me a message and we can chat, don't bother if I need to do all the talking ;)

None to mention quite yet, all my previous friends are no longer active. Looking forward to making some though :D

Vampires, Disney, Fairies, Fantasy, RWBY, Anime, RP, Gaming, Cinema, Drawing, Singing, Voice Acting

Yes, I like to meet new people but don't like having to be the one to keep any sort of conversation going, effort is required lol
Life is what you make of it, don't let anything hold you back!
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