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Check out my other account Mickey for more quality derivables here

HI :) Welcome to my homepage, you can request meshes, inbox me with the details. I do not sell custom meshes.

I take requests for meshes (tops, shoes, bottoms, accessories), so if you're a creator and think you have a good idea for a mesh, just tell/show me ^^. Requesting is free but please keep in mind that I'll only make your request if it fits my style. Also if you've requested, I get so many requests that I happen to forget who requested what, I will not notify you when yours is done. Just keep an eye on my shop or send me a reminder :)
Average wait right now is 3-14 weeks!

Skintight meshes & textures
All my meshes come with textures, but I also have a huge collection of textures that go with my skintight meshes which you can see here. If you're new to creating, there's a tutorial on how to use my bottom textures here.

Skintight meshes links:
Female top Bimbo version
Female Top Small version
Bottoms in S, M and L.
Top + Bottoms (small)
Top + Bottoms (bimbo)
All skintights bodysuits & dresses in all my sizes

Most of my meshes have no skin underneath, this is to avoid clipping issues. I know this can be limiting and a bit annoying, if you like working with opacity you may want to check out my products that are somewhat opacity-enabled, either for both the top & bottoms or just the bottoms or vice versa: Click here
I also have a collection with tops that all have skin under which you can find here

About me
I started creating on IMVU in 2007 and I still love it. It's really one of my favourite things. I started out texturing (on my alt Nobody), then got into 3D modeling a few years later and now I'm happily doing both. I'm also really into yoga and recently I've gotten into programming which I like almost as much as creating on here. You can inbox me with creating questions, I like helping. Also feel free to just say hi ^^

Vous pouvez m'écrir en français!
Hablo español!
Berichten mogen ook in het Nederlands! ^^
Ich verstehe Deutsch!
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