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"IM not schizophrenic, THEY are. I don\'t see them, they see me"

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X3 shes the BESTEST friend ^,..,^ shes awsome and shes like the sis ive never had :3 lurve u Darby ^,..,^
im waiting for one
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ummmm, WELL, the names Emma Rose >.< I love listening to Japanese music, metal, alt.rock,punk, emo, screamo, u name it ^.^ I'm considered gothic/punk/vampirish I'm the lead guitarist in a band called "More Than Just...." XD a lot of people say i'm really sarcastic and have a sick sense of humor, :/ but that really isnt that far off XP I. LOVE. ANIME. AND. MANGA!!!!!!!! along with a WHOLE bunch of Jrock X3 >,..,< ITS AMAZING! especially naruto (its AWSOME), Vampire Knight, Full metal Alchemist (LOVE IT)Death Note, Tail of the Moon, Model, Arcana, Immortal Rain, Trinity Blood, Vampire Doll, Kuroshitsuji, etc. ^,..,^ I live in NYC, im 16 and i go to this annoying private school :/ its ok, i guess, most of the girls are REALLY annoying though >.< lolz i cherish all of my friends to death! Im sort of a cold person. My family isnt really the most affectionate family. Sure we love eachother but we're the type who dont have to "say it". I sort of have a hard time being all "affectionate" to people.^.^ but that makes me cherish my buds even more XP i trust all of them with my life! (ok......well....not so much certain ones.....) XD but even so i still try to make sure all my friends know i love them ^.^ ~PEACE Lycaon (Bandas) Pictures, Images and Photos Image provided by YourCoolProfile.com
More cool stuff at YourCoolProfile.com! Image provided by YourCoolProfile.com
More cool stuff at YourCoolProfile.com! Image provided by YourCoolProfile.com
BLACK, anime, Friends, goth, vampire, Drawing, Movies, Games, Purple, manga, animals, video, Chocolate, Humor, etc., jrock, Rockclimbing, Fantasy Novels, some guys, jmetal, Samurai sword fighting
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Heyz >,..,< those who visit dont be shy to leave a message :3
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would some people, if u wanted to, buy me something from here? u dont have to but if u wanted to go right ahead ^.^
*P Night Flore Ears F*Saki Hair Black[7E] Syndrome : Collar F[7E]Hikaru-Metal-SparklELVEN Ragdoll Goth
Blindfold v1.0Long Black Lace GlovesDouble Spiky BeltVamp KittyRed Gothic PVC Skirt
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